AV Series - Saturated steam sterilizers

ICOS PHARMA offers a wide selection of saturated steam sterilizers to exceed industry standards, available in single or pass-through versions, with hinged (AVL Series) or sliding doors (AVS Series). Built to a very high standard, each unit is tailored to the customer’s individual specifications.

In pharmaceutical production, the need to optimize sterilization processes is important to increase safety and productivity.

ICOS PHARMA is able to offer an extremely diversified product range capable of meeting the requirements of the most varied applications and satisfy the strict standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

Chamber volume
from 195 litres / 7 cu.ft
to 10.000 litres / 353 cu.ft


        • The machine body and jacket are completely made of AISI 316L stainless-steel.
        • AISI 316L stainless steel piping is connected with ASME tri-clamp connections.
        • The machine body is insulated with ceramic material and with an external cladding of stainless steel.
        • Round or rectangular chamber.
        • Designed  to maximize performance and minimize cycle time and energy use.
        • Possibility to have the service area on the left or on the right side of the autoclave.
        • Flexibility configuration: hinged door left or right, vertical o horizontal sliding door, pit mounted or floor loaded.
        • The control system monitors, records, and controls the operation of the equipment.
        • Customized cycle according to client requirements.
        • Door seal system guaranteed for 4 years operational use without lubrication.
        • Air detecotr following EN 285
        • Drain cooling system available.
        • Airtight or bio-seal separation.

        Sterilizing quality process

        Each sterilizer can be equipped with any combination of cycles with complete flexibility to customize each phase and its parameters. Cycles are easily recalled from the HMI and are protected from unauthorized changes by a multi-level password system.

        Service programs:
        Vacuum leak test
        Machine SIP
        Bowie & Dick test
        Automatic sterilization of machine and vacuum brake filter (SIP)
        Predisposition for Automatic integrity test of vacuum brake filter (W.I.T.)
        Working programs:
        Fractioned vacuum
        Rapid cooling by shower and counterpressure
        Gravity purge and counter-pressure
        Rapid cooling by shower and counterpressure + seal test by vacuum crush
        Cooling by water injection in the jacket and counter-pressure
        Air + steam mixture and counter-pressure
        Pharmacy with natural cooling
        Slow heating with drying by slow vacuum
        Drying by hot air

      Compliance and guidelines:

      European Directives: 2006/42/EC; 2004/108/EC; 2006/95/EC; 97/23/CE; ATEX 94/9/CE. European Standards: EN 12100-1-2, EN 13857, EN 349, EN 61000-6-II-IV, German version EN 61000-6-4; EN 55011 (ISM); EN 61000-4-II-IV (IEC); AD 2000; EN 60204-1 (IEC 204.1); EN ISO 11135; EN 1422. North American Standards: OSHA; NFPA (when applicable: FDA; UL; ASME). Canadian Standards: CSA; CRN. Russian Standards: GOST.

      Software is developed in compliance with current coding rules and programming and according to standard ISA 88, ISA 95, IEC 61131-3 standard & GAMP 5.




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